Submission: Response to New Disability Services from 2018 Discussion Paper

A grid-lined notebook and various office supplies arranged on a desk. The word enemployment is written on the notebook with 'un' crossed out in red. A hand is using a red pen to underline the word 'employed'In December 2016, DPO Australia made a submission to the Department of Social Services in response to the New Disability Services from 2018 – Discussion Paper.

DPO Australia noted in the submission that we support introduction of a more open Disability Employment Services (DES) market that offers;

  • greater participant choice and control;
  • recognition for improved employer engagement;
  • opportunities for higher performing providers to expand, and funding consequences for lower performing providers.

It was also noted that our support is contingent on a substantial investment by the Commonwealth for people with disability to get the information and support they need to make an informed choice.

Reforms must include a closer examination of support practices that achieve high rates of employment outcomes to ensure that such reform builds upon good practice to change DES from a low-performing program to a high-performing program

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