Topic: Workplans and Activity Reports

Representation Activities (April 2015)

April 2015 Date Activity Detail 07/04/15 ACDA Media Release: Immigration Department of Immigration to review decision relating to child with Down syndrome. 21/04/15 Senate Community Affairs References Committee: Inquiry into the impact on service quality, efficiency and sustainability of recent Commonwealth community service tendering processes by the Department of Social Services WWDA and PWDA gave…

Representation Activities (March 2015)

March 2015 Date Activity Detail 08/03/15 UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 59th Session WWDA and PWDA represented both member organisations, and the ACDA, at the 59th session of CSW in New York.

Representation Activities (February 2015)

February 2015 Date Activity Detail 06/02/15 ACDA Media Release Welcoming funding of ACDA and announcing broad role of ACDA. ACDA member organisations interviewed by media. 11/02/15 National Press Conference: Senate Inquiry into Violence and Abuse Against People with Disability in Institutional and Residential Settings. Current ACDA member organisations assisted organisation of Press Conference, were represented…