ACDA Releases First Activity Report – January to July 2015

The Australian Cross Disability Alliance (ACDA) was formally announced by the Assistant Minister for Social Services, Mitch Fifield, in February 2015. The first six months has seen the ACDA focus on beginning work to formally establish the new Alliance model, through the development of an Operating model, Priority Activity Work Plan, policies, procedures and protocols to ensure its effective operation, along with developing processes to inform evidence based priority action and issue areas to focus the Alliance’s work into the future. Although in its early establishment phase, the past six months has seen the ACDA work proactively to engage with Government and other stakeholders to advance the human rights of people with disability, through for example: ACDA representation on advisory structures and fora; development of ACDA policy Submissions; and provision of advice and expertise on Government reforms and programs affecting people with disability; and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.

This Report provides a brief overview of the activities of the ACDA for the period February-July 2015. This Report provides information on ACDA activities under four key program areas:

  1. Submissions & Policy Advice
  2. Representation
  3. Stakeholder Engagement & Development
  4. Operational Planning & Development

Download the ACDA Activity Report January to July 2015 [DOC]