COSP 2016 Update from the UN

Cashelle Dunn, Bonnie Millen and Brendan Pearce are over in New York attending the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD 2016 for the Australian Cross Disability Alliance – you can read more about the full delegation here. They are sending back some videos, detailing what they are doing, and Brendan has a report on Day One – transcriptions are below.


Cashelle Dunn

Hi guys, it’s Cashelle here from the WWDA Youth Network.

I’m so excited because tomorrow I’ll be heading out as part of the Australian Civil Society Delegation to New York City to attend the Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.
That’s a bit of a mouth full, so it’s easier to say COSP to the CRPD.

We’ll be attending so many events and side-events and meeting so many people from all around the world. But I’m particularly excited because I’ll be a panellist at the launch of the ‘We Decide’ project by the Australian Cross Disability Alliance (ACDA) and the WWDA  Youth Network have participated in this project actively and we are so excited to launch it over there.
It is mainly about sexual and reproductive rights of young  people with disability and so I can’t wait to talk about young women and girls and how important our rights are.
The other members of the delegation will be also speaking at different events and the whole time we will be keeping you all
included and updated on the whole process. It’s going to be an exciting week, so follow on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter. We can’t wait for you to be included in our week.
Talk to you later!

Bonnie Millen

Hi, my name is Bonnie

I am very excited to be updating you with the movements of the Australian Cross Disability Alliance in New York this week.

It is very exciting to be attending the United Nations in a full delegation this time and we wi.l be working hard to make sure that your voices are heard.

Most excitedly, we will be working alongside the Australian Government and I am looking forward to raising issues, particularly around women and girls with disabilities and will be attending side events in regards to Human Rights Watch, UNICEF and other countries whose delegations will be holding their side events.

Cashelle Dunn will be updating you on the movements of WWDA Youth so please tune into that as there is lots of exciting things to come this week.

So yeah, if you could please tune in on Facebook, Twitter, social media in any way you can. I look forward to your input. We are very excited to be representing, as well as our organisations.

Much love!

Brendan Pearce

Hi guys, day one of the Australian Cross Disability Alliance Delegation’s trip to the 9th COSP here in New York is almost over but we have had a great day at the Civil Society Forum in the morning and then as part of the High Level panel discussion in the afternoon.
There has been lots and lots of great insights shared in relation to the tenth anniversary of the CRPD, and we are even inside the rooms where the negotiations happened during the process of putting it all together in 2006.
All of the delegation has finally arrived here in New York and we are all getting to know each other really well and we are all excited about what this week has to come in the next few days and we will be sure to update you through more of these video posts and also through our daily reports online.
Make sure you follow disability, Cross Disability Alliance on twitter at @DisAllianceAus , you will find it on Twitter. And stay up to date here on Facebook. Thanks guys, Bye.