The Disability Royal Commission has been running for over a year without offering full confidentiality to people with disability making submissions.  

We are being asked to tell our personal stories of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation, without a full guarantee that the perpetrators will never have access to the information we give.

If we are not able to provide information to the Disability Royal Commission in complete confidence, there is a risk that the most severe cases of systemic abuse and neglect will not be exposed. It is vital to the success of the Royal Commission that the appropriate changes to the legislation are made as soon as possible.

We call upon our Attorney-General and our Federal MPs to #MakeItSafeToSpeak by passing legislation at the next sitting of Parliament (starting October 19) to keep submissions sealed beyond the life of the Royal Commission.

YOU can help make this happen by:

  1. signing our open letter here,
  2. speaking out on social media using the hashtags #MakeItSafeToSpeak and #DisabilityRC
  3. writing to the Attorney-General Christian Porter using the sample letter below: