Recipients – National Awards for Disability Leadership

On International Day of People with Disabilities the National Awards for Disability Leadership have acknowledged the work of 14 outstanding disability leaders across 7 categories.

Recognising the work done by disabled people and our organisations to support the Australian disability community through several challenging events including the pandemic, and bushfires and other natural disasters. We asked what work has been done by disability leaders in these difficult times to advance equality for disabled people, and to protect and promote our rights in rapidly changing situations.

“These leaders have stepped up and shown us the way,” said Christina Ryan, CEO of the Disability Leadership Institute.

The recipients illustrate the broad diversity of disabled people including Indigenous peoples, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, from the LGBTIQ communities, young and older people, and those from a range of genders. (see attached list with bios.)

These Awards reflect what is important to disabled people and the ways that we are effecting change and pursuing equality for our community. They recognise outstanding achievements by individuals, or disabled people’s organisations, who have significantly contributed to advancing the status of disabled people.

The Awards were delivered across seven categories for outstanding achievement or outcomes by disabled people, reflecting the diversity of our community, and the intersectional nature of our lives, including The Arts, Change Making, Rights Activism, Innovation, Social Impact, Inclusion, Lesley Hall Award for Lifetime Achievement.

The National Awards for Disability Leadership are owned and run solely by disabled people, all nominees are disabled people and all those associated with the Awards Ceremony are disabled people.

For comment: Christina Ryan, CEO Disability Leadership Institute 0408218184

Please contact individual recipients directly (for details please see full media release).