Highlights from Day 2 at the CRPD Review

Many flags hanging from flagpoles grouped close together and lit by floodlights in the darkness
The Palais de Nations at night.

Today we continued our work in Geneva.

Some of our delegates attended the final session of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). It was an engaging session.

Other delegates met with CRPD committee members from Africa. We discussed justice, migration, legislation and inclusive education.

A group of people sitting and standing around a few small round tables pushed together. There are notebooks, laptops and phones on the tables.
In the afternoon we prepared for tomorrow’s side event, “Voices of people with disability.”

In the evening we all attended a screening of a new Australian documentary film about the experience of Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory, In My Blood. It was a great film, very revealing. We also got to meet the child featured in the film.

We have been filming more short videos of our delegates to share. Watch this space!