Highlights from Day 1 at the CRPD Review

The delegation and support staff just before the session.

Today our delegation had our first formal private session with the CRPD committee.

Each of our delegates spoke of their experiences and concerns for people with disability . The committee was highly impressed with our delegation, our level of knowledge, expertise and our co-ordination.

A group of people with disability sitting casually around a table covered in laptops, notebooks and water bottles. They are in a small room with a clockwork sculpture on the wall.
Delegation members preparing for the hearing.

Some of our delegates met with members from Switzerland and Lithuania. They asked us about our experiences with the justice system, inclusion and access.

Other delegates attended a session on the convention on the rights of the child (CRC) where Australia is also being reviewed. The sessions were extremely informative and the committee asked very good questions.

Other delegates observed a session of the CRPD committee where Kuwait was being reviewed. The committee members were very particular and specific in their questions. The committee is very interested in specific policy and legislation initiatives that support the implementation of the CRPD.

A key theme that has emerged more broadly is in regards to Article 12 – Equality before the law.

We will be bringing further highlights as the week progresses.