Geneva vlogs for 10 September

Justen Thomas talks about what it’s like at the UN.


Frances: Justen.
Justen Thomas: Hey, how’re you doing?
Frances: Here we are at the UN.
Justen: Yes, it’s very nice, isn’t it?
Frances: It’s very nice, very beautiful.
Justen: A few peacocks there giving us peer support.
Frances: That’s right, in the background behind us we’ve got some peacocks behind us, so they’re our emotional support animals.
Justen: The mascot of the UN.
Frances: The mascot of the UN, that’s right. So Justen, tell us, how have you found these last two days?
Justen: I found it amazing, inspiring, hearing other people’s opinions and that.
Frances: And stories?
Justen: And stories.
Frances: What do you think of the Committee?
Justen: My first time ever, it’s quite great, excellent. Even though the technology wasn’t that good the first day. Was it?
Frances: That’s great, thank you Justen.
Justen: No worries.

Lauren Henley talks about being part of the delegation.


Frances: Lauren, how have you found the first few days here at the UN

Lauren Henley: It’s been incredibly busy, but it’s been an absolute honour to be here to represent Australians with disability and talk about some of the key issues that are of importance to people back at home. It’s been a real privilege to work with such a well-coordinated and organised delegation. It’s been really fascinating just to hear everyone else’s personal stories, and everyone’s contributed to the overall work of the delegation in their own way.