DPO Australia Activity Report 2015-2016

This report provides an overview of the key activities of DPO Australia for the period July 2015 – July 2016 under four key, interconnecting areas:

Submissions & Policy Advice: active participation in reform and review processes conducted by government/s and other key stakeholders, including through active participation on working and advisory groups and by providing high quality submissions and policy advice.

Representation: active membership and involvement in mechanisms that enable the issues and concerns of people with disability to be represented, including through participation on a range of reference, advisory and working groups, in forums and events and at conferences and functions.

Stakeholder Engagement & Development: engaging collaboratively and in partnership with key government and non-government stakeholders, including through projects and campaigns and awareness raising activities; actively communicating with and engaging people with disability in policy and legislative reform processes; and building the capacity of people with disability to participate in the disability rights movement.

Operational Planning & Development: building operational capacity to be an effective, professional and credible national alliance of DPOs that engages and represents all people with disability in Australia and that strengthens DPO credibility, respect and integrity across government/s and other key stakeholders.

Download DPOA Activity Report 2015-16 [DOC]