#COSP15 Day 3 Round-Up

View of New York streets from the window of a skyscraper
New York, New York

Roundtables began today, covering all the themes of the conference.

A large formal UN meeting room
Delegates in the United Nations headquarters

Damian Griffis from FPDN made a compelling case for First Nations Australians with disability in his statement to the UN.

A First Nations man in a suit is speaking into a microphone while seated at a long desk with an open laptop and an NGO sign.
Damian Griffis is the CEO of DPOA member org First Peoples Disability Network (FPDN)

We attended many side events, including an event from the Disability Rights Fund about the impacts of climate change on women and girls. The effects of disasters, conflicts and crises on people with disability is an ongoing theme this year with much emphasis on the crisis in Ukraine.