Media Release: Budget Blow for People with Disability

People with disability around Australia are reeling after the Treasurer’s backflip on funding for the NDIS.

“We are stunned at the news that the Federal Government is walking away from the commitment to fully fund the NDIS, now and into the future. Last year, the Prime Minister said that the increase to the Medicare Levy was essential so that “it is fully funded so… you will know the money is there,” said Ms Therese Sands, Co-CEO, People with Disability Australia, a founding member organisation of DPO Australia.

“People with disability feel betrayed and ambushed by this decision and are left wondering what else is in this year’s budget?”

The revenue measures announced today by the Treasurer are only for this year, and will not guarantee funding for the NDIS in the future.

“The Medicare Levy increase was intended to guarantee funding for the NDIS in the long-term. Now, we are back to the uncertainty around the NDIS, and fighting for funding at every budget,” said Ms Sands.

“Last year, we joined with ACOSS and AFDO to call for secure, sufficient and sustainable funding for the NDIS. A strong, well-funded NDIS benefits our whole community, as people with disability are better supported to fully participate economically and socially.”

As reported, in his speech, the Treasurer will say that people with disability should have ‘faith in the big heartedness of Australians’ and that this was ‘about helping your mates’.

“The NDIS is about providing essential daily supports for people with disability, so we can fully participate in society. We are not second class citizens that should be reliant on so-called big hearts. Our supports must be an integral part of Australia’s social infrastructure,” said Ms Sands.

“We are now left to go cap in hand, like charity cases, at each and every budget. This is unacceptable.”

People with disability are deeply concerned about this decision from the Federal Treasurer and will come together to campaign to restore funding for the NDIS.

“We are sick of what is happening to the NDIS and call on the Government to put people with disability back at the heart of every decision that is being made,” said Ms Sands.

Joint statement with ACOSS and AFDO on NDIS


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Manager Media and Campaigns. People with Disability Australia

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