Additional Submission to the Committee on the Rights of the Child for September 2019

PWDA is a member of the Australian Child Rights Taskforce that prepared the Australian NGO coalition report to the CRC Committee for its review of Australia.  The Children’s Report includes contributions of over 500 children and young people across Australia, and is based on content provided by over 90 NGOs and child rights experts.  PWDA was a key contributor to The Children’s Report ensuring that key issues and concerns for children and young people with disability are included for consideration by the CRC. 

The CRC Committee is reviewing Australia on 9th and 10th of September 2019 at its 82nd session, and the CRPD Committee is reviewing Australia on 12th and 13th September at its 22nd session.  Both of these UN reviews are critical to progressing the rights of children with disability in Australia.

This additional submission builds on the information contained in The Children’s Report by providing extracts from Disability Rights Now 2019 and associated Factsheets in order to elaborate on key human rights issues for children with disability in Australia.